Koval's 3D Grapher

See it for yourself | GitHub link

This project is so extensive that it earned its own real estate on the top bar. As an ongoing project for over three years, I can thank my high school physics class for the incredibly un-creative name. Despite this limitation, Koval's 3D Grapher is a feature rich, online, fully JS/HTML/CSS, three dimensional function plotter. Here's some of the features:

  • Support for Cartesian, spherical and cylindrical coordinate systems
  • Fully integrated parametric plotting
  • Support for vector operations through the Math.js library
  • Customizable plot quality, color, and transparency
  • Intuitive and working mouse zoom and rotation mechanics

But a picture is worth a thousand words, so here is Koval's 3D Grapher:

Pixel Physics

See it for yourself | GitHub link

This project is meant to be a playground for cellular automata and related queries. The intention was for me to have an easy way to test ideas for a simpler, more biologically oriented version of the Von Neumann universal constructor. If you could get a self-reproducing structure with a lifespan of a few minutes or less, then you could potentially create a super powered Darwin Pond. Leave it on as a background process, come back in a few years and see what you get!

While such ambitions are yet unattained, this program does have a slick interface for editing a grid of cells. It supports algorithm customization with the full power of the Javascript language as well as an optimized (well, mostly) cell lookup and modification API.

Brainfuck Interpreter

See it for yourself | GitHub link

Please excuse my language – I didn't make up the name. Brainfuck is one of those classic programming languages that some may describe as completely useless. I rather think that it is a fantastic learning exercise. For those who are not aware, Brainfuck is an esoteric programming language that has its entire functionality exposed through 8, single character commands.

I attempted to make this version pretty while maintaining usability. You can pause and step forward and backward while seeing your spot in the code in real time. It's not blazing fast, but let's be honest, who uses Brainfuck for speed anyway?

ADKalc Widget

See it for yourself

This Google Play app predates my GitHub days – and my laptop. Meaning I would have to find my old laptop, see if it still turns on, try to load Android Studio and find the project. Those few hours, I think, would be better spent doing something a little more productive.

This app was actually made upon request for the purpose of displaying a specific number in a widget based on some environment parameters. This is exactly what it does. It will take variables such as the date and the amount of battery life on your phone and transform them according to an expression that the user specifies.