My name is Alan Koval. I am currently a freshmen at the University of Minnesota, studying computer science and mathematics. My goal over the next four years is to hone in on the sub-field that ideally captures my interest and talent while building a substantial base of practical industry skills.

Photo credit: Rachel Cho

As an avid coder, I have had a number of projects over the years (enumerated here). Many of them, including this website, are hosted on GitHub and freely available. Feel free to poke around: I dare say some stuff here is pretty cool.

My interests tend to be scattered somewhere around the fields of computational geometry, genetic algorithms and physical simulations. All my projects tend to be somewhat heavy in math (especially Koval's 3D Grapher), and I wouldn't have it any other way. Combining mathematics with the power of programming is my passion.

Otherwise, I'm a 13 year pianist, an intrepid biker (one has to be a little crazy to bike in the winter here in Minnesota) and master ping pong player.